Who We Are

Who We Are

2,600 hundred years ago an ancient prophet challenged his community to seek the shalom of the city in which they lived. Many people understand the word shalom to simply mean peace – the absence of conflict. But it’s so much more than that. Shalom means absolute flourishing, complete wholeness, utter delight and prosperity to both the individual and the greater community of which they are part. In short, as Tim Keller says, shalom “means complete reconciliation, a state of the fullest flourishing in every dimension–physical, emotional, social, and spiritual–because all relationships are right, perfect, and filled with joy.”

And it’s precisely out of this vision that local churches in Artesia and Cerritos have united together to form the Shalom Project, asking “What can we do together that we can’t do alone?” Instead of seeking our own individual, denominationally divided ways of doing ministry, we have decided to form a networking movement of Christian churches and ministries united to bless Artesia, Cerritos and beyond. To fulfill our mission, we offer community gatherings and services in partnership with our city government, businesses, schools and churches.

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Executive Director – Mark Lohman

Participating churches and organizations:

Artesia-Cerritos United Methodist Church
Community Christian Center Cerritos
Crossroads Multinational Church of the Nazarene
Fly Higher Ministries
House of Worship
New Life Community Church
The Well
Worldwide Trinity Reprographics